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We are here for you!  We will continue to grow our Frequently Asked Questions so that you get the answers you plain language.  Feel free to email any questions to

  • What is a stock?
    In layman's terms, a stock is part ownership in a company. Come to one of our classes for more details.
  • Can a "regular" person trade in the stock market? I thought that was only for stock brokers."
    Absolutely, we know many "regular" people who have made 6-figure incomes trading. Come to one of our classes and get all the info you need to get going.
  • Who should attend your classes?
    Like our name suggests, our classes are built for "everyday people". Why? Well, because we are everyday people and want to share the information that was life changing for our personal finances. We want to give people the same liberating knowledge that we sought out and used to our advantage.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer our one-time classes to introduce you to stock trading and options trading. We break this down so simple that you will be able to walk away from our class owning stock.
  • Do you offer 1:1 coaching about stocks outside the classroom?
    Absolutely. Our founder Ticey has set aside several hours per week when you can schedule some time with her to get your portfolio started and share ideas/guidance.
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