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Hello! We are 

Stocks 4 Everyday People

Thank you for checking us out.  Our commitment is to deliver knowledge about stock trading in layman's terms to "everyday people".  We provide experiential learning sessions in which our participants gain the foundational knowledge they need to begin a stock portfolio.  We do not provide stock purchase advice or financial planning services.


We are a small group of family and friends each of whom had their own stories of financial struggle.  As we were sitting together one day, we realized that none of us knew anything about the stock market or of stock trading, yet we continued to hear about people having significant financial gains.

We decided to jump in, learning every single thing that we could about stocks, options, trading, evaluation of investment instruments and risk.  Within 10 months, collectively we had earned more than 6-figures of portfolio growth...and it's still going!

As we met one day, we all had a simultaneous "what-if".  What if we had this knowledge when we were younger?  What about "everyday people" who do not have this knowledge or even know how to get it?  BOOM!  Here we are!  Sharing every bit of insight we have so that you...the everyday person can unlock another door to financial freedom and happiness.






Ticey Hosley, Lead Coach

A dynamic and engaging speaker who gives it to you plain and simple!


Ena Alforque

Practical expertise in growing a stock and options portfolio.


Amber Braxton

Amber has quickly grown her portfolio in a year. Let her show you how.


Julica Cooley 

Understands the risk and reward tradeoff and balances it really well.

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